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13 Deals Coupons

Up to 40% OFF from 13 Deals 15 Coupon Codes.

About 13 Deals

The basic idea of 13 deals is they sell various products that are extremely discounted, however, there is a major catch. There's no guarantee how long the items will last in terms of stocks. So it's basically a first order first served basis, the faster you check out your purchases, the more chances you are to secure the discounted items.

They offer a wide variety of products, from pet items to footwear and clothes. They also sell tools, electronics, and gadgets at low and discounted prices which is why often business minded people and resellers opt to take advantage of the deals here and try to make a profit out of their purchases as bulk buying is allowed. Although some items may have limitations depending on the amount you can purchase per customer.

As with other regular online stores 13 deals only accept online payments, COD is not available and you can generally use any PayPal or Credit card to purchase.

One of the downsides of 13 deals is some of their policies are a bit tricky, but if you are careful you can easily just don't mind them. For example, they offer no support in case of misplaced deliveries because of incorrect address inputs. Most often they also don't accept returns as well. While they offer around 75% refund on products that are returned to them because of failure to deliver this happens rarely as there are a number of cases that a neighbor instead or a house from a different block received the package.

So they strongly recommend being wary of details you input for addresses, ideally, you can avoid these mistakes by registering and providing default delivery address in your account. This will make things smoother for you and let you compete with the fast-paced semi auction type of market that they offer.

13 Deals Free Shipping Policy

Products are usually shipped via FedEx Ground, FedEx Smart Post or USPS. The prices for shipping fees often reflect during checkout. 13 deals rarely offer free shipping as they already sell products for insanely low prices. Asking for free shipping might be too much, other than that most orders leave the warehouse within 24 hours of the checkout confirmation. It can take within 1~10 days depending on how far are you from the courier. If for some other reason that you might require expedited shipping, 13 deals may accommodate you with the process, however before purchasing anything it would be best to reach out to customer support first. There are cases that the process will or will not have additional costs, so it would be best to coordinate with them first. Normally, addresses that you provide are verified by FedEx and USPS, while this is the case it is wise to double check if you have the correct address. They ship within the contiguous states of USA although some APO/FP/DOD addresses are not included. If for some reason you accidentally processed and order and had it delivered to a said address their system automatically cancels the order and will refund you with or without prior notice. As far as shipping issues are concerned, 13 deals are hands off when it comes to lost packages, stolen, etc. They have a small leeway when it comes to damaged products upon delivery. But other than that you can consider yourself screwed if that is the case. While these things happen very rarely, you have to accept the fact that packages are not going to be insured whatsoever.

13 Deals Return Policy

13 Deals are confident that products ordered from them are going to be 99.9% loved by the customer. They do have some leeway, in a form of a 7 day period from the delivery date that you may file for a return. But you have to make sure that the reason is sensible. For example, a wrong size was delivered to you, or the wrong color etc. They have friendly and accommodating customer service reps to assist you with these issues but take note that they have measures to detect whether the return is valid or abusive. There's a big risk of cancellation of your return with no refund and sometimes account ban when they deem you to be abusive. Likewise with wrong colors etc. or if you really just don't like the product at all (these cases have low chance of returns) a broken, defective or malfunctioning item in case of tools and electronics, maybe also returned within a 7 day period from the delivery date. Make sure that all accessories and wrappings are included in the package return. Likewise, with all unboxing's of packages, it would be best to record footage or two before opening anything to back up claims of broken/defective items. Once your returns are processed by customer service, you will be provided a FedEx return label to be printed and attach it with the package. You may ship it or drop it off at the address that will be provided by customer service. Take note to process this as soon as possible as there are instances that processing the return of the item too long can nullify your return eligibility. In the extreme case of items to be returned which do not have any damage of what sorts, but you received the correct item based on your order, you may be accommodated to a return but you will only be refunded to 75% of the amount of the purchase also the item must be in the original shape you received, unopened and unused. And you will also need to pay for the postage. Other than that you will be losing money this way, this has been their policy for a while because a lot of people have abused the return policies in the past.

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How to Use 13 Deals Coupon Codes?

13 Deals are available right from 13deals.com website. Coupon sites also promote the company's deal offering from their respective website. When customers avail of these coupons, it simply directs clients to the specific 13deals.CPM page that features the discounted item.

The 13deals.com link, https://www.13deals.com/store/ flashes the items that are on sale or discounted. To avail of the deal:

1. Choose the item, if it is apparel select your size and color(s) and quantity.

2. Click the ADD TO CART button for every item being purchased.

3. The link then redirects to the checkout page.

4. If you are a returning customer, you will be asked to log in.

5. If you do not have an account, you may check out as a guest

6. Add the coupon code you have.

7. Notice that the price reflected in the total is the discounted price already.

If checking out as a guest, the final checkout page will asks for the customer information. If a returning customer, the page automatically populates the information page with the clients' details.

13 Deals Coupons

How to Save from 13 Deals?

Aside from couponing in 13 deals, which lets you scrape off more expenses, ALL items being sold in 13 Deals are discounted at insane prices. The only issue you might encounter is hunting for the products you want as they sell at very low prices, stocks can be gone in a few seconds while you are viewing the product.

So generally you have to be vigilant when trying to purchase items. Always prepare a coupon code in hand before you go shopping and order as soon as you see an item that you like. Because you might have to wait days, weeks, sometimes even months for these products to get restocked. There are also cases that the items are just for clearance and will never be sold again.

13 Deals Review

13 Deals Coupons

13 Deals is one great platform, despite their strictness especially when it comes to returns. They still take thousands of orders every day, and this is a testament that they provide quality products that are really affordable. It takes dedication to choose products that you want though, one second they are here, the next they don't so think of it as a challenge. Above everything else, 13 Deals offers a bit of everything so that's the huge selling point they have prior to being super cheaper compared to most online stores that exist today.

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