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IHOP Coupons

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About IHOP

IHOP is short for the International House of Pancakes. This House has been around for about six decades now and it continues serving some of the best home-style made pancakes in its many locations around the United States. IHOP is essentially a diner-style restaurant chain that primarily serves tasty breakfast foods.

The first International House of Pancakes was founded in the year 1958 by two brothers, Jerry and Al Lapin, just like many other popular restaurants including McDonald's and Arby's. The two brothers established the first IHOP in Toluca, California. They started the company with the help of other individuals who, however, did not play a critical enough part to be as famed as the original founders.

One important thing to note about IHOP is the fact that the restaurant was started with a focus on serving breakfast. However, over the years, the menu has expanded to include dinner and lunch items.

For quite a long time the restaurant was known as the International House of Pancakes. However, in 1975, the company's executives decided to adopt the shorter and more marketable abbreviation of the company's name "IHOP."

IHOP has grown tremendously over the years and it made a major move on the markets in 2007. It made a bid to buy Applebee's and it successfully did buy the restaurant before the end of the year. The restaurant chain plans to open hybrid IHOP/ Applebee's locations in 2018 and more in the future if the first one becomes a hit with the public.

From starting with just one restaurant in the small city of Burbank on the West Coast of the United States, IHOP has grown tremendously over the last six decades to over 1650 restaurants located not only in the contiguous United States but also in other locations around the globe including, South America, the Middle East, South Asia, and Australia. Unsurprisingly, the tremendous growth has also helped the company to increase its revenues significantly. IHOP probably sells meals worth billions of dollars every year and makes hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. In 2010, the company employed about 32,000 individuals. The figure is probably much higher than this as of now.

The International House of Pancakes no longer sells just pancakes. They now have fresh salads, tasty steakburgers, appetizers, omelets, crepes, French toast, waffles, and combos. The restaurant's pancake menu items remain its best-selling meals. The Original Full Stack Buttermilk Pancakes remains a customer favorite at the restaurant. It is a must-have if you have never eaten at IHOPs.

To enjoy IHOP's sweet and delicious meals more affordable, there are a number of things you can do. Most importantly, you should join the restaurant's club to enjoy incredible offers and to receive IHOP coupon codes every now and then. More about the club later on this page. 

IHOP Free Shipping Policy

IHOP does deliver food to customers in select addresses near its participating restaurants. However, the company does not have a free delivery/ shipping policy on its website. This is not to say that there are no other discounts that you can use to cut your shopping total. Read on to find out how to save at one of the restaurant's many locations.

IHOP Return Policy

At this point in time, IHOP is seemingly not accepting food returns to its restaurants. This could obviously be subject to change but given that it is a restaurant, we doubt that they will be making changes anytime soon with regards to this issue. Still, if you make an order at one of their restaurants and you find out that something is not right. You can talk to a server about it to get a replacement or an item that is missing.

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How to Use IHOP Coupon Codes?

To enjoy considerable IHOP discounts, knowing how to use IHOP coupon codes will be essential. It is by applying coupon codes to your orders that you will be able to automatically reduce pay less at checkout. Follow the process below to find out how you can pay less at IHOP.

  1. Visit the official IHOP restaurant website to make your order (www.ihop.com).

  2. Click on the "Menu + Order" tab at the top of the page to view the available menu items. Click on a menu item and you will be taken to a  separate page to view important details about the menu item including calories and ingredients used.

  3. Click "Order on IHOP N' GO." This will redirect you to a page where you will be asked to confirm your nearest IHOP restaurant. Click  "Yes, this is correct."

  4. On the next page, you will be asked to fill in a couple more      details before your order is processed. Select the time you will pick up      your meal, and then click, "Start Adding to Your Cart." You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to customize your meal by adding toppings, meats, and sides. When done, click "Add to Cart." A popup  page will appear with two buttons, "VIEW CART" and "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT."

  5. Click on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT." You will then be asked if you want to "continue as guest" or if you want to "sign in." Select the option that you would like to use.

  6.  The next page that will appear is the last page. On this page, you will confirm your restaurant information, your pickup time, your contact information, and your payment.      This is also the page where you will enter your promo code if you've got one. Just below the hovering page marked "Your Order," you will see the question "Have a Promo Code?" Click it and a field will appear.

  7. Enter your promo code, and then click "Apply"

  8. Complete the checkout process, and then go pick your meal.

Seeing that this process has eight steps may make you think it is a bit challenging but it is not. The process is extremely simple if you follow the steps above. In fact, it is so simple that even a seventh grader could do it. The website will guide you through every step. 

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How to Save from IHOP?

There are several ways to save when ordering breakfast foods at IHOP. We have detailed some of the ways below.

The biggest way to save megabucks at IHOP is to make sure you sign up to become a member of IHOP's eCLUB. The restaurant refers to the club as the Pancake Revolution. Signing requires your email and filling in your personal details and agreeing to receive promotions and offers from IHOP. The only condition that you need to meet to join the club is to be at least 13 years old.

As a club member, you will receive exciting coupons and deals every now and then in your email. You will receive a coupon right away as a thank you for signing up. You will also receive coupons for free delicious pancakes every year on the date you signed up and on your birthday.

Pancake Revolution members also get notified immediately of deals exclusive to their local IHOP restaurants.

Another way you can save megabucks when dining at IHOP is to ensure you frequently visit the restaurant's website. The restaurant usually has many limited time offers include pancake and French toast combos at reduced prices. So make sure you check out the website for foods on offer before making your order.

You can also find out about the latest IHOP promotions by watching the company's television Ads.

Finally, you can also save good money on IHOP by simply ordering online. The company has an offer in place to promote its online ordering system. Every first time order qualifies for a $5 off if it is worth over $25. However, the discount is not automatically applied. You will have to apply this promo code IHOPNGO at checkout to grab the discount.

Third party companies such as Shop 'N Chek are looking for mystery shoppers. You can sign up to become one. If you do successfully become a mystery shopper, you will be given vouchers to enjoy free meals every now and then. 

IHOP Review

IHOP was founded in 1958 in Toluca, California by the Lapin brothers, Jerry and Al. The restaurant started very simple but grew rapidly over the years to become the brand it is today.

Initially, the restaurant was best known by its full name "International House of Pancakes." However, because of the changing times, the restaurant abbreviated its name to IHOP for easier marketing.

The restaurant initially served just a handful of breakfast items. However, over the years, the restaurant has increased its menu items significantly. In the past, you could just buy ordinary pancakes, right now there are several different types of delectable pancakes, French toasts, waffles, crepes, omelets, appetizers, and special tasty IHOP creations.

There are a number of ways you could save money when checking out at IHOP. You could save money by signing up to become a member of the IHOP eCLUB, by grabbing the restaurant's limited time offers, by enjoying the IHOP online ordering $5 discount, and by becoming a mystery shopper. The biggest way to save is obviously by joining the eCLUB as you will get free meals and alerts about regular deals.

Now you know how to save. Visit IHOP and dig into your favorite pancake at a discount. 

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