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Lifetouch Coupons

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About Lifetouch

Lifetouch is a professional photography company that was established by Eldon Rothgeb and R. Bruce Reinecker in 1938. It has its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The Company is a subsidiary company of Shutterfly which is an internationally recognized technology company. Lifetouch provides photography services for family, schools, places of worship and so forth. Its departments include Lifetouch media productions, Lifetouch national school studios Inc., Lifetouch preschool portraits Inc., Lifetouch portrait studios Inc., and Lifetouch Church Directories and Portraits Inc. The company photography labs are located in over 50 States in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

The photography services of Lifetouch have been used during the graduation ceremonies of pre and high schools, during baby washers, birthdays, and for business portraits at affordable subscriptions. Lifetouch provides high-quality yearbooks and memory books for its clients. If you are looking for video coverage for your event, Lifetouch will provide quality services at a low cost. The mission of this company is to maintain its legacy of over 80 years in the photography industry by providing quality services to its clients. Since its establishment, the company has evolved from analog to digital services to even photography schools where people are trained in photography and video editing skills. The company is also known for its philanthropic mission programs to provide humanitarian services to undeveloped societies.

Keeping photographs is one way of retaining your past memories. Lifetouch is here to help you keep good past memories by having high-quality photographs at your home. You can save a lot of money through Lifetouch than any other photography service provider. This is because of the hot deals and offers that are available athttp://Lifetouch.com//. Visit the site today, place an order, and save your money.

Free Lifetouch Shipping Policy

Customers have reviewed Lifetouch service and products positively for many years. One of the attractive things about Lifetouch is the free shipping policy for those orders which are above $30.

Lifetouch Return Policy

The goal of the Lifetouch is to satisfy its clients by all means. The company understands that there is no perfection in everything but it's committed to maintaining the high quality of its products. If the product is not according to your expectation you can contact the customer service department on where to return it and how you are going to be refunded.

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  • Place the order in your back, click the view your bag to go to your order page

  • If the item you are purchasing has a coupon code, kindly enter the code on the box before checking out to enjoy the offer. The offer will be reflected on the order page

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How to Save From Lifetouch?

When you are shopping for photos on this site you will earn a lot of discounted offers which are not available anywhere else. There are hundreds of offers daily at Lifetouch which can make you save up to $50 per day. You will be welcomed by a Free 11oz Mug with a portrait package once you sign up to view portraits. You will enjoy free shipping if you purchase orders that are above $30. Not only that, but also you will earn rewards once you participate in Lifetouch online surveys.

There are lots of free gifts waiting for you once you log in to Lifetouch. In addition, you will get free $10 iTunes gift card when you order over $70 of prints, frames or plagues. You will also get photo Gifts and set up portrait at Lifetouch. Save up to 25%-off when you purchase mugs. Get to enjoy amazing 50%-off discounts with today's active Lifetouch.

Earn a reward of $20 credit tailored for you only at Shutterfly with Lifetouch. Do not miss to redeem your offer, enter the coupon code in the box before checking out. Do not miss Lifetouch hot buys to save more. Save 20%-off your entire purchase and special discount on 16x20 portraits. Enjoy a free 8x8 photobook when you order online at preschoolsmiles.com.

Lifetouch Review

Established in 1938 Lifetouch has expanded to several business units which offer quality products in the photography industry. The company has spread to over 50 states in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Lifetouch National schools studios Inc. has over 20,000 employees and serves schools and students across the United States, Lifetouch Portrait studio operates over 450 JCPenny studios across the United States, and Lifetouch Preschool provides modern and studio quality photographs for children and infants across the nation.

This program includes SMILESAFE PROGRAM, this is a partnership program with the National Center for missing and exploited children, and Lifetouch circulates the most current picture of the child to the public. There is also Feed the Needy Program, with the help of the Lifetouch Church Directories, where Lifetouch distributes food to the needy across the nation.

Lifetouch Memory Mission established in the year 2000, allows its employee to travel overseas and spend a week in a volunteer program. The program helps the employees to develop new skills, have exposure and deepen their relationships. Lastly, there are Lifetouch Scholarship Programs that distribute scholarship to children and grandchildren of the Lifetouch employees. These programs are an indication that Lifetouch is a leader in the photography industry and community at large.

Lifetouch is aimed at putting smiles on your memories. It is committed to enhancing the professionalism of its clients. With Lifetouch, you can keep youth memories till at old age. All the Lifetouch programs are available at Lifetouch.com. You can place an order for pictures in the following categories preschool, yearbook, church, JCpenny portraits, special events, prestige/seniors, school K-12, and sports. You can also book photography and video coverage services for events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events, family events, and sports among many others.

The services offered by Lifetouch are very affordable regardless of your social standing in the society. Lifetouch is committed to ensuring that its clients save as much as possible. When you visit Lifetouch.com you will be amazed by extravagant offers tailored only for you. Invest in the memories of your children at school through Lifetouch services. There are hundreds of discounts, offers, promo code, hot deals, and coupons available each day. Save through:

  • Free shipping for orders above $30

  • Sign up for Lifetouch account and earn yourself a gift

  • There are numerous hot deals on holiday season

  • Get a special gift for your events when you hire Lifetouch services

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