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Panera Bread Coupons

Up to 15% OFF from Panera Bread 8 Coupon Codes.

About Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a company based in Canada and the United States. These chain stores are more of bakery-cafe restaurants which offer a large variety of mouth-watering delicacies such as fresh and aromatic bakery products, salads, sandwiches, soups, hot Panini, bagel, tea, coffee, frozen drinks, smoothies, and pasta among others.

Panera Bread was founded in 1987 in Kirkwood, Missouri in the United States, before spreading to different locations in the United States. It is headquartered in Sunset Hills suburb in Missouri and is apparently one of the largest operating bread companies in St. Louis with over 2,100 open stores and more than 47 thousand employees.

Panera Bread is widely known for its frequent promo codes and coupons offer for most of their products. With Panera Bread coupons and promo codes, you can basically get almost everything and save much more money.

Panera Bread Free shipping

As for Panera Bread, they offer no shipping services considering their products are highly perishable. However, on making an online Panera order, customers can either do a rapid pick-up for their purchased delicacies or better still receive a quick delivery.

Panera Return Policy

Most of its goods are perishable and edible commodities which they are sensitive. Foodstuffs can only be returned immediately upon their arrival and you should not open them from their package else it will be rejected. Their products are of high quality hence there will be no need to return them.

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How to use Panera Bread Coupon Codes?

Panera Bread offers a lot of different coupons and promo codes on different products available almost every day. By using these promo codes you can always enjoy the discounts and save some cash while gratifying your craving. If you are purchasing Panera Bread's product that has a coupon code here is how to use the code:

  • Make an order online by either choosing delivery or rapid pickup then proceed to check out.

  • On the 'Order Details' page, scroll down and click on the 'Gift Cards and Promo codes' option.

  • Key in your promo code in the given text box then click on the Apply/Submit button.

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How to save from Panera?

With Panera Bread, making a wholesome saving is very easy as well as possible in so many ways.

One of them is by making an order online with Panera Bread. This way you are exposed to so many bigger discounts which are as a result of the availability of several coupon codes online. Some of these coupons give away a discount of up to 50% for orders above $5. For instance, with these coupons, you get $3 off for orders worth $6 which is no doubt a huge saving.

Another way to save with Panera Bread is by signing up for the My Panera Rewards Program.

The first reward of a free sweet or pastry comes in immediately after signing up. After that, you are eligible for many other rewards every time you use this account to shop at Panera. As if that's not enough, an additional free treat comes your way, once you download MyPanera Reward Pass to your smartphone gadget. And in this September, a free bagel or coffee is given to you once you shop with Panera on any day of this month.

Any time you have an event, invite Panera Bread catering and another big discount awaits you. All you need is to spend $500 on catering and a free $20 cash reward is given to you with no coupon code needed. In every festivity, party or birthday, a gift card is always ideal for your guests, clients, friends, and family. Panera Bread supplies these too and as usual, a discount comes along with it, for any bulk purchase made worth $1000 or more.

As you can see, Panera bread is full of free treats, discounts, and great offers which can indeed save you lots of cash. So, is there a Panera store near you? Register online with Panera Bread and enjoy their great deals and great taste, every time you shop with them or with outlets stocked with Panera products.

Panera Bread Reviews

Panera Bread Company, thirty plus years Bakery-café, are renowned food experts, who know what their customers need and have learned the trick of leaving them craving for more. Throughout the United States and Canada, their tantalizing bread varieties, pastries, soups, side dishes, and assorted drinks are well known for their great taste and fair prices. Panera Bread has also gone an extra mile in community outreach and once in a while gives unsold bread and other of their products to the hungry and homeless, charities, and other concerned agencies.

Other than physically visiting their stores, Panera Bread is also available online where customers can access and enjoy their different friendly offers in the comfort of their houses and make a wholesome saving.

  • Enjoy as much as 45% off your shopping using 79 of the selected Panera Bread coupons.

  • Buy more and enjoy huge discounts using different coupons and 22 of the most recently released promo codes

  • Visit Panera in-stores or online stores and experience 57 Panera hot deals now.

  • Get a 20% discount through your MyPanera Rewards when you pick more than 2 items.

  • Receive free gifts on signing up with Panera Bread.

  • Buy Panera Bread gift cards in bulk and enjoy a large discount.

  • Get catering services of more $500 and above and enjoy a $20 cash discount without a coupon code.

  • Buy refrigerated Panera dressing, Mac & Cheese, and soup from groceries loaded with these Panera products and get a $1 discount.

  • Enjoy Panera baked items fast and cheap for as low as $0.69.

  • Use my Panera Reward to purchase products worth $500 and above and enjoy a $20 off.

  • Enjoy free coffee and Bagel any day this September with Panera Top coupons.

  • Visit any Panera cafe in your locality and receive a large discount on any Panera products on sale before the end of November.

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